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We are a team of entrepreneurs with more than 10 years of experience.
We enjoy working with new technologies, seeking continuous improvement.
We like what we do and we train ourselves permanently to give you the help you need.
Here, some of the technologies we use:



The latest technology, adaptable to all browsers on the market.



Additional control and asynchronous handling for your applications.



Current and attractive designs. Effects, transparencies, animations.



Reliability and power for PC systems.



A robust language that offers versatility and maximum compatibility for your data processes.



Data stored safely and efficiently.

Consulting services

The technological requirements change faster and faster. It is essential to adapt to the rhythm of the market.
Therefore, it is necessary to use adequate tools to carry out the tasks in the best way.
We have knowledge of the most modern working methodologies and we want to help you implement them.
We provide support and training service linked to:

Source code management

Control of source code is essential for the organization of remote work teams or teams with many members.
It allows developing projects in parallel modules (with the benefit of a reduction in time) and facilitating the versioning of the source files in the different environments.

Optimization in development processes with CI-CD

Continuous integration and continuous delivery, known as CI/CD, are key elements for increasing the quality and agility of the used software.

Applications virtualization

The deployment of applications becomes complex when it is necessary to execute it in different environments with specific characteristics.
Virtualization of environments through docker is the optimal solution to simplify configuration to the maximum.

Applications for your company

By dealing with companies from different fields, we have acquired the necessary experience to provide you with the help you need. We make customized adaptations.
Boost your business with quality tools. Implement open source applications (free and open code) to improve your processes.
Here, some of the resources that may be useful to you:


Infrastructure and technology management

GLPI ​is a free information technology service management solution, an incident tracking system and a service desk solution. This open source software is edited in PHP and distributed under a GPL license.

Mantis BT

Task management for your team

Mantis Bug Tracker It is a software that constitutes a complete solution to manage tasks in a work team. It stands out for its ease and flexibility for installation and configuration.

Rocket Chat

Solution for communication in your company

Rocket Chat It is a great solution for Communities and Companies that require an advanced Chat service, hosted in their own Data Center, or in Servers that control and manage.

Own Cloud

Your private and secure cloud

OwnCloud is a free software application of type File Hosting Service, which enables online storage and online applications.

Presta Shop

Your online store

Presta Shop is a free and open source content management system, designed to build e-commerce online stores from scratch. Focused to allow creating online stores from small companies to large corporations.

Doku Wiki

Your company's knowledge basea

DokuWiki is a Wiki system that is easy to use and complies with standards. Oriented to create documentation of any kind within development groups, work groups and small companies.

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